We specialize in making premium clothing for the premier angler. Few companies can match our quality and authentic patterns. Our unisex socks are made to tailor all fishermen and fisherwomen. Our designs have been individually hand painted by a seasoned North Carolina fly fisherman who has spent over 50 years in the pursuit of the next vibrant species of fish. We were able to take these unique designs and transfer them within the sock’s weave by utilizing a 3D ink embedding process.

This advanced technology has allowed us the opportunity to make a genuine product that not only has the realistic look of a fish but has also created a product that will last through the years. Our socks have been engineered with a fully cushioned sole for reliable and consistent support throughout your activities, no matter which path you choose to follow. We have also added an extra tough rim and bonded toe cap to prevent wear and tear in these common areas of failure. We guarantee that you will be “hooked” with the look and comfort of these socks.

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